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Yerevan recent comments:

  • Rossia Mall, Ani (guest) wrote 9 years ago:
    nkarner chkan :(
  • ArmBusinessBank headquarters, Sasaun Tatosyan (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
  • Masisavan Condominium Complex, Masisavan-Inc_Partner (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    Developed by Vazgen G. Amirkhanian, Built by Vazgen G. Amirkhanian 2003-2007, Planning and Coordination by Vazgen G. Amirkhanian. Vazgen G. Amirkhanian Partner, President and Director of Masisavan in USA and Partner President and Director Masisavan Condominium Complex Yerevan 2003-2007
  • «Old Nork» CJSC tricotage plant (does not operate), Old Nork Tricotage Plant (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    +374-91405616 +374-93405616
  • Cascade construction site, sako (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    es in4 fantastik nkarnera FUFLO
  • Sasuntsi David Hotel (not completed), Johnny (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    How come it has never been finished and I have booked a room few days ago??
  • High School No.182 named after Gevorg Emin, ashot (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    good!! BUT HAVENT PHOYO!!!
  • Anastasavan, NARDOSI POX (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
  • ул. Шарури, 1, Sam (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
  • ул. Шарури, 1, Sam (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    im the most complete fighter in the world
  • Nerkin Charbakh, BDOYAN MARY (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
  • High School No.118 named after Aramayis Yerznkian, Ani Minasyan (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    it is the best school
  • Nazarbekyan street, 31, Stepan Grigoryan (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    The best Building in 17th district
  • Nazarbekyan street, 31, Stepan Grigoryan (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    Stepan Grigoryan
  • "Аutobazar" (car market) , Gevorg (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    vmb vhj,
  • Karmir Blur (Red Hill) archaeological site, Unu (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
  • Karmir Blur (Red Hill) archaeological site, Unu (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    Teishebaini (also Teshebani, modern Karmir Blur (Armenian: Կարմիր Բլուր) referring more to the hill that the fortress is located upon) was the capital of the Urartian Transcaucasian provinces. It is presently located near the modern city of Yerevan in Armenia. The site was once an Araratian fortress and governmental centre with towered and buttressed perimeter walls, massive gates, a parade ground within its walls, and storage rooms that entirely occupied the ground floor. The site of the city, palace and citadel together measure over 110 acres (0.45 km2).[1] The name Karmir Blur translates to "Red Hill" because of the hill's reddish hue. It became this color after the city was set on fire and the upper walls which were made of tuff fell and crumbled because of the heat. After the tuff was heated by the fire it took on a more intense red color and therefore the hill became red. The lower portion of the walls were left standing after the fire since they were built with a stronger stone
  • "AR-BE" Armenian-Belorussian Supermarket, Гость (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    что там продают?
  • Firdowsi Shops, FAIRYLAND LLC (guest) wrote 11 years ago:
    FAIRYLAND TRAVEL & CARGO AGENCY VARDANATS str. 7,71 +37410560454 +37410500755
  • Yerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory "Noy cognac", liuk (guest) wrote 11 years ago:
    It's "Noy" wine, vodka, brandy company, Ararat is on the other side of the river...