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Yerevan recent comments:

  • Chamber of Advocates of Armenia, frd (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    School N25 is located just behind of Shirak Hotel
  • Hovhannes Tumanyan Puppet Theatre of Yerevan, Arthur (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    Heqiat caffe is no longer exist. and actually it was one block lower - to southwest. This place is actually "dolls theater"
  • Komitas food market, Hello (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    Kanachi, kanachi - khar@ kanachi :)))
  • Khnko Aper National Children's Library, lili (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    Khnko Aper _Children's library
  • Erebouni Hotel, saakian (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    Visit the Erebuni Hotel website at WWW.EREBUNIHOTEL.AM
  • Erebouni Hotel, hakob (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    Old hotel Erebuni is under construction, while a small part is renovated just to the right from Republic Square Arch
  • Reebok Sports Club Armenia, chrysler (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    4rd taxum basketi dasht chka? ICQ: 274668667
  • Samvel Alexanyan's estate (aka Lfik Samo), mher777 wrote 16 years ago:
  • Cinema House, Arpi (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    here i work :)
  • school N 105, 105 dproc (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    malatiai 105 mij dproc
  • Scientific Medical Center of Dermatology and STD, valod (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
  • BEM Youth Progressive Action Centre, Bember (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    The BEM YPAC have mooved to new location, near Kaskad
  • Ex-President Levon Ter-Petrossian's Compound, Mike (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
    Why should not an ex president own such a place?
  • Martiros Sarian Museum, vartan (guest) wrote 16 years ago:
  • Statue of Andrey Sakharov, vartan m (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Its Andrei Sakharov not Dimitry
  • Great Bridge of Hrazdan, angraget (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Baits xi tents kopit